Joshua Tree

For our second anniversary, we wanted to dive into nature, but it had to be somewhat local so we could drive there. Luckily in Los Angeles we have a big selection, so we chose Joshua Tree! We booked an AirBnb and planned which trails we were going to hit up and before you know it, we were on our way! Watch the 1-minute film to see what our adventure was like!

What Makes or breaks your wedding film

What is the one thing that will make or break your wedding film? As a wedding cinematographer, I've learned that without this all your films will fall flat.

Julian Treehouse Retreat

Our 3-day retreat to the treehouse in Julian, CA called "Into the Woods". My personal reflections on the trip and highlights of the time the 6 of us spent together.

Sigma 30mm 1.4: After One Year

A great option for filmmakers on a budget, the Sigma 30mm 1.4 EX DC has proven to be my bread-and-butter lens for several years. Here, I go over a few pros and cons of the lens and how it can improve any filmmaker's arsenal.

If you're in the market and looking for a reliable, well-performing lens, check out the Sigma 30 pre-owned in my Store up top. Or new at full price at https://amzn.to/2N2lxFf

After One Year: Zhiyun Crane

I've used this gimbal for over a year now. I can confidently say I love it. It's really a bread-and-butter deal and though it has a rather obvious con, it's a minor one in the scheme of all the Crane's benefits.

Take a look. If you're on a budget and looking for gimbals, I would seriously recommend considering the original Zhiyun Crane. You can find a pre-owned Crane in great condition at my Store up top. If you can afford more though, consider the Crane v2: https://amzn.to/2t7N4MY and the Crane 2: https://amzn.to/2tch5LQ.

Wedding Cinematography

A la carte is a brilliant idea. It works so well for food as it gives us the option of not having to pay for what we know we won't eat, and gives the flexibility to fully realize our food dreams haha.

Taking that same concept, I've adapted it to the wedding cinematography (videography) industry. No more bulk packages that force you to pay for things you don't want or need. Now it's broken up into just the coverages and products you want. This pricing model gives more options to couples and the flexibility to meet every budget out there.

First Wedding Anniversary Poem

A poem written by yours truly. I used to be quite the poet back in the day, and I thought I would take another go at the written art. Here is the poem in its entirety:

My wife, my better half, Betty my love, I gazed upon your radiance in white, Holy matrimony, back-lit stained glass, Married before God, oh what a sight. Over the past year, He has led us through much, The joys and the challenges, and the moments in between, Hand in hand, we walked through it all, Hand in hand, God’s love to be seen. Exploring His creation with you next to me, Nature’s splendor before our eyes, It doesn’t matter where we go, As long as you’re by my side. I cherish you more with every day, With every day that passes, With every morning when the sun wakes up, I will cherish the love He gave us. With this love that He has filled me with, Just as surely as the sun will rise,I will love you with all that I am, I will be there by your side. And when the day is difficult, When you feel like giving up, I will be there to bear your burdens, I will be there to give you my love. I truly thank God for his grace, For every day his grace and mercy are new, I truly thank God, for in his grace, He blessed me and he gave me you.

How to Film Weddings Solo

When you're filming a wedding and you're working with what you have, it can definitely prove to be a challenge. But with experience and a few good tips, I honestly believe solo shooting can prove to be even more efficient and awesome than otherwise thought.

Yes, it is always more fun to shoot with a partner or team, but let's see how one should go about filming solo and out of that we can find the many benefits as well!

4 Pros of Unplanned Films

There's a certain kind of lure about being able to take what you have and make amazing art out of it. Whether it's big events or spur-of-the-moment nature trips, filming spontaneously provides not only a challenge but a deeply satisfying feeling when all is said and done.

Now, not all things can go unplanned, but for the things that can, it's the perfect opportunity to increase experience and flexibility.