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“Steven created and captured an amazing video to highlight some of my favorite parts of my wedding day. I liked my venue, but after seeing Steven’s sweeping landscape shots, I loved it! I so appreciate Steven’s artistry in seamlessly weaving audio to make the emotions of the day alive and almost palpable again. There were some details that I had not seen on the day of, so it was a treat to see things from a creative eye. Such wonderful work that I cannot recommend highly enough. THANK YOU a million times over!”
— Julia Yu
We were so fortunate to have met Steven through a mutual friend. We couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating, kind, understanding, and talented videographer. He listened to our needs and answered all of our questions. Steven was so amazing during the wedding — he captured all the details that we missed because we were so busy being the bride and groom. Best of all, everything felt so natural. Everything blended so well. When we watched the final product, my husband and I were blown away. We showed the video to everybody and I was so happy with how wonderfully it was put together. He captured everyone’s smile, laughter, and (happy) tears. Thank you Steven for this authentic film and I will continue to recommend you to everyone!
— Yuria Delmundo
1. He can tell a story.
His camera is a tool and he wields it with skill. He was able to capture our day in a way that allowed me to experience our wedding in a completely different way. Our wedding day was so hectic that it felt like a blur. When I first watched the film that Steven created it transformed the experience for me. I was able to see, hear, and almost feel all the details and emotions he captured, many of which I did not remember from the first time around. He truly preserved that one day and I know years from now I will be able to watch this memory and see something new every time.

2. He is a consummate professional.
He was punctual, accessible, and was an excellent communicator. He was willing to meet as many times as we wanted before the wedding to get everything right. His attention to detail and preparation made allowed him to focus on capturing our story. On the day of the event he arrived early and was not intrusive in any way while he captured shots of the party getting ready, the ceremony, and the activities that followed. He also worked hard to edit and send the product in a very timely manner.

3. He is a good person.
This is an intangible and is hard to really evaluate but he is genuinely kind. You might be thinking to yourself that this is not imperative when looking for a videographer but it is priceless. He was considerate, accommodating, and reassuring. From the day we first met with Steven we could feel that he was not looking at the project as just an event to film. He believes it is his responsibility to perfectly capture a memory for the people involved. He really cares about the product he delivers.

Steven captured all the wonder, emotion, and excitement of the day and I was blown away by what he was able to show me through his lens. Thanks for telling our story.
— Dunn Delmundo
Steven was every bride’s dream – friendly, kind and easy-going, yet skillful and professional, which makes the perfect combination for the best wedding videographer one could ask for. We really could not have imagined anything better than what Steven gifted to us – I say gifted, because our video was without a doubt a product of generous time and talent. While we enjoyed our interactions with Steven on our wedding day, my husband and I could only laugh in amazement at how good he was at making himself invisible the rest of the day! (“When did he get these shots?? I don’t even remember seeing him there!”). Steven’s ability to “disappear” made it so easy for us to stay relaxed and natural on one of the biggest and perhaps nerve-racking days of our lives. Steven – thank you for being there for us on our wedding day. We’ve re-watched our video countless times, and are so grateful it helps us treasure that special day. We are blessed to know you!
— Grace Koh
My wife and I were really happy with Steven’s filming and edit work. He took the time to get to know us and capture what was important to us. After watching the video more than 20 times, we appreciate his work more and more. The video starts with an audio excerpt from our pastor along with images of our special wedding moments. We liked how he utilized the speech, music, and images to build up the anticipation of our wedding kiss and celebration. We don’t know the name of all the edit effects, but we like them! He utilized unfocus to focus to highlight objects and people. He used the contrast of shade and light to convey joy and hope. He synched images and music to elevate mood. I’m sure it gets more complex than what we described. He is a cut above other videographers. You can see the difference when you compare with other wedding videos on youtube and Vimeo. Finally, the drone footage at the end made us feel like we were riding off to the sky! Every time we watch the video, we have huge grins on our faces :o)
— Carlos Soh