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Wedding Cinematography

An affordable alternative to traditional wedding packages


Traditional wedding packages can be quite pricey - especially when you take into account that the couple getting married may not want all that comes with that particular package. This is why STVNSTNG Cinematography has opted to approach wedding videography in a more couples-minded way. We’ve opted to let the couple choose what they want via à la carte style for a much more budget-friendly wedding cinematography experience.

Our Story:

It took several years to finely tune my craft in wedding cinematography, beginning as a newbie filming my sister’s wedding on an old camcorder to now using professional equipment ranging from gimbal stabilizers to aerial drones. With every wedding, a unique flavor from the couple is combined with a distinct filming/editing style.

In addition to the technical side of things, the popular saying rings very prominently here - Story is King. We all love stories. A good story can invoke emotions and drive the mind and heart to amazing experiences. But an excellent story can not only invoke these emotions and drive the mind and heart, but it also lingers and remains. It leaves behind an impression that is not easily forgettable. And that is my main filming/editing goal - to leave an impression that accomplishes these very things.

Our Work:

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event that should definitely not go undocumented. From the hand-picked soundtracks we license to our keen eye for the human emotion, we would love for you to explore the Wedding Films tab under Weddings to really get a sense of our style and what we're all about.



Please see below for our price breakdowns.



Please provide the following information when submitting an inquiry.

  • Names of Bride & Groom

  • Date of Wedding

  • Venue(s)

  • Desired Cinematography Options (please see below for options)


Creative Notes:

All film products will be at our creative discretion and revisions or alterations to the video will not be included. 

Cinematography Options

à la carte

  1. Choose one, two, or all of the Coverage Options.

  2. Add coverage extras (optional)

  3. Final Film Product is dependent upon the coverage option(s) chosen (please see ‘Price’ for Final Film Products for details)

Coverage Options

Items Description Price
Preparation Coverage From the bride's hair and makeup to the point when the ceremony is about to begin, we've got your preparation covered. $600
Ceremony Coverage From the guests filing in before the ceremony to the big "I do" kiss, we've got your entire ceremony covered. $1100
Reception Coverage From the cocktail hour to the big dance party at the end, we've got your reception covered. $1300

Coverage Extras

Items Description Price
Second Shooter Even more angles and moments captured for your big day!

This option is dependent upon availability of second shooter.
Drone Footage Take your wedding to the next level with cinematic aerial drone footage.

This option is dependent upon your locations' drone regulations.

Final Film Products

Items Description Price
Highlights Film of Entire Day Around 5 minutes (length will vary) of your big celebration summarized in cinematic splendor. All highlights films will include a hand-chosen licensed soundtrack free of charge.

For an idea of what it may look like, explore the Wedding Films option under the Weddings tab.
Free when at least 2 of the 3 Coverage Options are selected
Film of Ceremony We'll edit together your entire ceremony and send it to you for download. From the processional to the big kiss, we'll put all the clips from the ceremony together into one video file for your enjoyment.

Film will be lightly edited compared to the Highlights Film. Length of Ceremony Film will vary.
Free with Ceremony Coverage
Film of Reception We'll edit together your entire reception and send it to you for download. From the best man to the father of the bride speech, each moment of your reception will be forever documented in a memorable reception video.

Film will be lightly edited compared to the Highlights Film. Length of Reception Film will vary.
Free with Reception Coverage

Filming Time

The total filming time shall not exceed 9.5 continuous hours. If it does exceed 9.5 hours, an additional charge of $150/hr may be charged.

Travel Fees

All weddings beyond a 25-mile radius of Duarte, CA will be subject to a $1.20 per mile traveling fee. This covers the costs to and from the venue.

Editing Time

Please allow around 2 months for each wedding’s final film products to be completed. The couple will be contacted with an update roughly one week before the completion.